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RCI is a major manufacturer and supplier of bangles not only in India but all over the world. Some of the major states covered by the company are Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Punjab, UP, Gujrat, Bihar, West Bengal, Karnataka. Madhya pradesh, Chattisgarh, Orrisa, Tamilnadu, Andhara pradesh and Assam. The group of experienced artisans creates new and perfect designs of bangles that bring the Indian tradition back to life. RCI offers you the best bangles, as per your requirement and taste in fashion. It is the first concern in Jodhpur that deals in bangle products.

RCI is managed by Bihani's family that is involved in trading and manufacturing of bangles since 1903. (erstwhile m/s Sitaram Kaniram and company, bazar gate street, fort, Mumbai.) we serve you with our utmost quality products from last one century.

RCI believes to offer you explicitly designed bangles. Fashionable and latest trend bangles are manufactured here. RCI Bangles has a large clientage because of its wide collection of designs and patterns that make our bangles the most popular in India and abroad. RCI put all its efforts to provide you best quality bangles. Our stylish array of bangles gives a smart look on any outfit. These bangles are available with the bold flashes of color in eye - catching designs.

Fabric Bangles

Fabric Bangles are an alternative for those who wants to be different. These bangles are simple and the best part is it cost you almost nothing.

Figure Bangles

Ice Bangles

Jari Bangles

Lead Free Bangles

Opek Bangles

Pearl Bangles

Adding a unique value to your personality and enhancing the beauty of your hands, our pearl bangles offers host of choice. RCI Bangles is one of the most leading and reliable pearl bangle manufacturer in the country. Our golden pearl bangles are the perfect example of our designing excellence.

Pearl Thapai Bangles

Stone Bangles

Our stone bangles gives you a spactacular look complimented with fabulous designs and colored stones. This set of stone bangles makes perfect style accessories with contemporary casuals.

Trends Bangles

Our company offers fashionable and trendy bangles with innovative designs and colors. These bangles perfectly matches the choice of the youth and are attractive in looks.

Wedding Chuda

We offer high quality wedding chuda. Our traditional wedding chuda will give you an authentic touch on your wedding day. Any time you would like a little more stuff relating to camo wedding dresses and tux , go to more in addition to Homepage now.Wedding chuda looks smart and trendy with western as well as with Indian dresses.

Wooden Effect Bangles

Our wooden bangles are created out of exotic wood beautifully with ultimate grace and elegance. This range of accessory is very popular in all age groups and worn as trendy fashion accessories.

Bulk Buyers

RCI Bangles is a leading manufacturer of bangles in India. The company invites bulk buyers, dealers, agency holders, distributors, suppliers and wholesalers for sound business themselves across India and abroad.

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